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Liberals, Progressives, the ruling class of the Democratic Party (the statists), whatever they choose to call themselves, they are the enemy within our own country. Who they are and what they represent is nothing new, its Socialism, Marxism…bottom line is it’s Communism. The goal is to destroy the idea that is America and it's designation as the last refuge of liberty in the world. Specifically, the objective is to destroy free market capitalism, weaken our military, ignore the Constitution, and destroy traditional American values. The ultimate goal is to change America to a Socialist utopia (no such thing) that's not any better than any other country in the world.

The ruling class of the Democratic Party which includes Barrack Hussein Obama have nothing but contempt for this country and they’ve held that view for decades. Their view of America is one of an oppressive and imperialistic nation. Everything wrong in the world is America’s fault and so we need to be brought down to the level of all socialists, Marxists, and third world countries. The leaders of the Democratic Party and Obama are not American in their thinking and view of what America was and should be. How they vote, what they propose, their views of our enemies and how they align themselves with them, and the tyrannical policies they implement without any regard for the Constitution prove that. Basically, we have elected the enemy. They do not defend America, they do not adhere to or defend the Constitution, they do not defend freedom, our military, the right to life or new life, and most of all they DO NOT represent the interests of America and it's citizens. The only thing they defend is their agenda, the interests of all the dictators and despots around the globe under the guise of appeasement and political correctness, and their socialist philosophy in order to maintain power and control over the American public. They are the ruling class, the elite that know what's best for you and the rest of America is their servant to do with it as they please. This is the thinking of ALL communist regimes and statists, it's nothing new and it has NEVER worked.

Their idea of energy independence is to deny us from obtaining our own resources in exchange for pie-in-the-sky and much more expensive alternatives based on junk science and trumped up environmental concerns while we import more, not less oil. Their idea to stimulate growth is higher taxes, over regulation, extending unemployment benefits (according to Pelosi unemployment benefits is a job creator [are freaking kidding me?]), increasing the number of people on welfare and food stamps, and mortgaging our grandchildren’s lives by spending money we don’t have. The Democrat's idea of affordable healthcare is killing life before it’s born and when they deem it to be too old to justify the cost to their system. Their idea of healthcare for everyone is not what is best for the individual, but how much the cost of treatment will affect their system and whether saving you is cost effective. If not, off to the death panels with you. Freedom and individual exceptionalism is not part of the Democratic Party and Barrack Obama's lexicon. Controlling as much of your life as they can is all they care about through whatever means necessary and whatever the costs. None of this is new; it has all been done before and failed throughout the past 100-plus years of history under the regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro.

The Marxist Machine
Liberalism, progressivism; no matter what it’s called, there's nothing American about it. The fact is it's mental insanity; it’s narcissistic, and completely disconnected from reality. It is regressive, represents a big intrusive government that makes it's supporters dependent and lazy, it doesn't inspire, it creates division, pits one group and one American against another, demonizes success, accuses the successful of stealing from someone else, and will destroy this country if we do not stop them. They have always been the enemy of this country and thanks to a complicit, biased agenda-driven media, our own modern day Pravda, will do everything they can to dispirit you to prevent our first Marxist president from being removed from office.

Two Americas
The choice is simple, it's either freedom and self-reliance (what the country was founded on and made it great) or dependency, slavery, government control of everything you do and say, soft tyranny morphing to a hard tyranny (the false utopia) that can never be achieved.

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