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Howard Dean

A Traitor in Charge of the DNC

What can I say, yeah Howard infuriates me, but the reality is, every time he opens his mouth, he succeeds in making himself less and less credible. Howard is the poster-boy for the symbol of defeat. Why else for the latest term describing the other party, Defeatacrat. His remarks do nothing more than make him look like a fool. Howard in his parallel unverse has no clue about how to defeat terrorism. He offers no alternatives to win the war, just criticizes what our boys are doing now and demoralizes them by telling them they can't win. In case you haven't figured out, Howard doesn't want us to win. He celebrates any battle we loose in this war. He celebrates the death of our men and women by using their deaths for political gain only. Howard is praying everyday for defeat, he equates this war with Vietnam and says it'll end up like Vietnam. Howard wants and is trying desprately to make it end up like Vietnam just like his Defeatacrat brethern, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy did during the 60s.



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