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   American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The ACLU wrapped up in one short summary. It was founded by a communist and it's history is a record of continuous deconstruction of America.

In 1967 the ACLU adopted a "pro-choice" position on abortion.

In 1975 the ACLU came out in favor of special rights for homosexuals.

September 1986 - The ACLU successfully sues fifth grade public school teacher Kenneth Roberts, forcing him to remove his personal Bible from his classroom desk. Roberts kept the Bible on top of his desk, and he read from it during his class' silent reading time. He never read it to his students or told them they had to read it. (Contrast this to the ACLU's actions in February and March, 2001, in Anaheim, California. This time, the ACLU threatened to sue the public school board if they did not put pro-homosexual propaganda on the shelves of the high school library.)

In 1988 the ACLU barred a doctor from telling a Kansas man's former wife that her ex-husband had tested positive for AIDS. In the words of the director of the ACLU's Privacy and Technology Project, "The benefits of confidentiality outweigh the possibility that somebody may be injured."

In 1989 the government granted tax exemptions for Satanists - a position the ACLU has supported.

In 1993 in Pennsylvania the ACLU successfully opposed parental approval for teaching about substance abuse or human reproduction and forbade any discussion of morality and violence.

March 1995 - The ACLU files a lawsuit against Alabama Circuit Judge Roy Moore to force him to discontinue prayer in his courtroom and remove a Ten Commandments plaque from the wall behind his bench. Judge Moore countersued, asking a state court to resolve the constitutionality of official acknowledgements of God. This was the beginning of an ongoing, on-again off-again series of legal battles between the ACLU and Judge Moore.

There's much much more and we'll add it as time allows. Get the picture? This IS NOT an American organization, it doesn't support American views, it doesn't support individual freedom, it doesn't support religious freedom, that's not correct, it doesn't support Christian religious freedom, it will defend Muslims, atheists, paganism, but WILL NOT under any circumstance defend or protect Judeo Christian beliefs.



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