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barack obama
   Barack Obama

 The First Marxist President

Barack Obama is arrogant, cold, narcissistic, delusional, naïve...basically a Marxist. Since he has Marxist beliefs, he never did, nor does he now, believe in America. Every person surrounding him now and every associate from his past (William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Johnny Rezko) are ALL America haters. In addition to his associations there are his studies of Saul Aylensky, a devout communist. Again, if you associate with anti-America individuals, surround yourself with people that support the communist manifesto, and study anti-America texts and philosophy, then you have no commitment to American values and what made this country great. You don't associate with people like this and study the philosophy of Saul Aylensky and not believe it's your job to destroy America.

Barack Hussein Obama never promotes individual freedom and individual achievement. He never speaks about individual or American exceptionalism. He never speaks about how great America is and because of our greatness how we have made the entire world better. Instead, he travels around the world apologizing for America and making up history as he moves from one podium to the next. At every opportunity he impugns this country and insults the idea that made this country the greatest on the planet. In his mind we're not the example for the world to follow, but the mistake that needs to be destroyed and brought down.

Let me go on the record saying I hope Barack Obama fails and that I will do everything I can to make sure he fails and I will NEVER at any time support or defend this myth that passes for a pResident, Schleprock Obama. He is not American and does not believe in individual freedom. Based on what he supports and has done to date ( none in the interest of America), we have elected the enemy. This is the largest takeover of a country in history without a shot ever being fired all based on a foundation of lies and broken promises.

The major common denominator that has made America the greatest country in the world is the belief that freedom is the solution to the human condition. The freedom to succeed, to fail, to make choices, to speak, and to protect yourself against tyranny is what drew people from all around the world to America. They understood these freedoms didn't descend from government; government can only take them away. They understood why so many fought and died to secure that freedom and to keep it from dictators and tyrants. It was individual freedom that made us the wealthiest country in the world. It was freedom that solved our problems along the way and inspired innovation and medical advancements. It wasn't a government handout, or a government program that made us great. Now, King Hussein (President Government) shows up and threatens to implement a Marxist utopia (an oxymoron if there ever was one) so huge and intrusive that is specifically what our grandparents and great grandparents fled to come to America. There is nothing in the King Hussein's plan that represents freedom. It doesn't expand individual wealth, it expands government. It doesn't stimulate economic activity; it just stimulates government and its role in EVERY aspect of your life.


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