Obama The Marxist

August 28th, 2008

Obama The Marxist

I have come to realization that when I throw out the term Marxist or socialist, the majority of those eligible to vote haven’t a clue as to what that means thanks to our dumbed down public school system that’s been in place for the past 40 years. I know that most of you who read my posts understand these terms, you understand what’s at stake, unfortunately though, there are too many who don’t, especially the younger class, the twenty and most thirty somethings. And then there’s the class who just don’t follow politics at all know nothing of what Marxism means. If they did, we wouldn’t be this close to putting the most unintelligent, left leaning, anti-American in the White House. Thanks again to our failed educational system and the agenda driven mainstream media that hasn’t reported the news in over 20 years, just their spin and leave out the rest of the story.

Well, I am here to help define Obama and the Democratic Party in simple terms, so that even the most naïve can understand. Now, you Democrats, I know you are going to get defensive about what I am going say and you Obama supporters (black America) are also going to get defensive as well and it’s because you are going to take it personally and not listen to common sense. When I say the Democratic Party is not an American party any more, this does not mean that I am referring to you as un-American even though you still retain a party registration of Democrat. It means those who are at the top controlling your party are no longer, nor have they been for a while American in their ideology or in their planned direction of this country. No matter how fuzzy and warm their message has been, it has always come with a price, and that price has been, YOUR FREEDOM.

The cornerstone of a Marxist is to remove your freedom. Marxism will…

confiscate your property that you paid for and worked hard to earn
Views private property as social property – This means your home, your income, and your retirement account…anything you THINK you own
make all your decisions for you and your children,
decide what you drive,
decide what you eat,
decide where you live,
decide what you drink,
decide how to heat your home,
decide how to cool your home,
decide how much fuel you can use to heat and cool your home,
Obama: We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times …
decide how much you can earn
decide how much you have to give to someone you don’t even know
A global poverty tax that Obama supports and you’ll pay
decide when you can pray,
decide where you can pray,
decide when and if you can have that medical treatment,
An army of new bureaucrats must be hired by the government to keep a watchful eye on the doctors and hospitals His plan will force insurers to pay out a reasonable share of their premiums for patient care instead of keeping exorbitant amounts for profits and administration Sounds warm, caring, and all fuzzy…OK Mcfly (that’s all you sheep not thinking) time for reality. Question, How will a for-profit corporation respond to such heavy-handed coercion from the federal government? Come on, you can figure this out, think, OK, you haven’t got it yet, a bureaucrat will decide if that treatment you need is worth it. Think your grandmother, she’s old, fragile, not going to live much longer to justify the cost. They’ll deny that treatment and offer assisted suicide. The Obama plan coming nationwide next.

decide how, if at all, you’ll be allowed to defend yourself,

FactCheck: Obama endorsed Illinois handgun ban

decide what you can and cannot say freely

…Are you getting the picture yet?

This is Obama, a candidate that would fit well in an election for a new dictator, not for President of a free nation.

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