OBama’s Tax Plan, $250,000 Is The Limit On The American Dream Before You Are Considered Evil

October 14th, 2008

That’s right, think about that for a minute, put aside your bias and think about this for a minute. Under Obama, if you ever have aspirations (dreams) of becoming rich, or for that matter, hope that someday your children will be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs understand that the dream ends at $250,000.

After that, you will be the class of the evil rich and will be punished severely for working hard to earn that wealth. You will be punished for developing the next operating system, the next alternative fuel, the most innovative surgical technique, the ultimate cure for diabetes, or the entrepreneurial ingenuity that makes our everyday lives easier or better. Because of your hard work and the fortunate side effect of that hard work, becoming wealthy, you will be demonized, forced to turn over what you earned by force of the Obama government to people who will give to those that don’t work hard, that aren’t U.S. citizens, or who feel they are entitled to what you earned. If you don’t know what this is, it’s called socialism, and it punishes achievement and by doing so, suppresses the desire to achieve.

Is this what you want for your children? Instead of being rewarded for individual achievement and hard work, the most they’ll ever be allowed to make is $250,000 and once they exceed that, they will be tagged as evil, selfish, and heartless.

Or how about putting it another way, every American dreams of becoming rich and don’t deny that you do, you all do. Since this is the case, why do you feel or think that for some demented rational, that the rich should be penalized, demonized, and criticized for being what you dream or hope your children will be someday. By subscribing to the twisted logic of Obama and the Democratic Party, you are in the end hurting yourself, your children’s future and making them (Democrats and Obama) the arbiters of how much you can make. Does this sound like freedom to you?

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