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The Enemies of a Common Sense Solution

Add comment June 24th, 2008

The other day I posted “WHO TO BLAME” for our fuel costs. That would be the Democratic Party and three influential people (John Flicker at 212-979-3000, Frances Beinecke at 212-727-2700, and Von Noppen at 510-550-6700) destroying this country under the guise of protecting the environment. And let’s cut to the chase, the Democratic Party is not an American party anymore. It’s a Marxist Party and the problem we’re in is a government created one through decades of the Democratic (Marxist) Party incrementally restricting access to our own natural resources, onshore and off by selling a bunch of lies to the American public. Now, we’re viewed by the rest of world as insane. We invented offshore drilling and now the rest of the world is using our technology, but we’re not. Anyone who thinks this about the environment answer me this, why is it that the only time you hear anything from these jerks is when we want to drill? The Chinese and Cuba are going to start drilling in the Gulf off our coast, not a word, no protesting at all. Old Hugo in South America can drill all he wants, not a word. There are offshore rigs in the North Sea pumping oil like crazy, but no protesting there either. So much for it’s all about the environment.

The bigger question is why are Obama and the Democrats scared to death of us getting our own oil? Who is holding their feet to the fire to oppose this even when 70% of Americans want offshore drilling to begin? I just visited the DNC website and it’s like I expected, full of BS and no substance. The same old mantra; reduce our dependence on foreign oil…how? Investing in our workers and infrastructure…what infrastructure? Providing American consumers with broader, more responsible choices…what choices, and what does this mean? Same old excuses, like it’s going to take 10 years to get any of this oil online. Are freaking kidding me? Does anyone think to ask Obama or Schmucky Schumer how long it’s going to take their pie-in-the-sky alternatives to come online?

The problem is supply, or the lack of supply and the Demcrat’s solution is to reduce consumption at the same time taxing the oil producers into obliven. Basically, they want a stagnant economy, no growth, and no innovation. Their solution will result in less supply, not more and higher prices, not lower. We’ve done this before, in the 70s. The reality is, the Demcrats want these higher prices, they want you to feel the pain, even Barack has publicly admitted he does not have problem with these high prices. I’ll repeat that again, OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HIGH GASLOINE PRICES. In fact, he endorsed a gradual increase of prices to where we are now. And you fools want this cluess, anti-America, inexperienced, dumbo-eared dolt to be President? Don’t get me started on this idiot, because I intend on outlining in detail what America would be like under this Marxist.

How about the Democrat’s and Obama’s endorsement of the ethanol boondoggle? Again, another government created f@@kup. Because of this insanely stupid idea that they still won’t let go of, we’re removing 30% of our food (corn) from the market to create 3% of our fuel. So now, food prices are inflated on two fronts, cost of tranportation and 30% of it removed from the market. The next most important resource we’re going have to worry about is water because to create one gallon of this crappy fuel we have to use 1700 gallons of water to do it. This from the same people who forced regulation down our throat regarding the amount of water we can have in our toilet tank because they were concerned about us using too much.

The Democrats and Obama are mentally ill, they’re dysfunctional and 100% disconnected from reality.


Add comment June 19th, 2008

I’m back and I have had enough of the Democrats (Communists), Obama, and their mouthpiece, the mainstream media. The high cost of oil, gasoline, and natural gas can be laid squarely in the lap of the Democratic Party (the Communists). They have repeatedly grilled the top CEOs of the largest oil companies in America attempting to blame them for setting the price of oil and gas. Threatening a windfall profits tax (someone explain what a windfall profit is) to taking over the industry. This is the usual tactic of guilty people to deflect attention away from them. They know nothing about economics or the industry, but they successfully manage to illustrate their ignorance. By doing this, they count on your ignorance. We are the ONLY country on the planet restricting access to our own resources, which will result in economic suicide. If you want someone to blame, look to the Democratic Party and the environmental groups who have put us in this situation.

John Peterson of my home state of Pennsylvania sponsored a bill to lift the band on offshore drilling had the votes to get it passed, but who removed it, DEMOCRATS!!!! I am going to continue to drive this home until you get tired of it, and then I will start again. Even when 67 percent of America wants drilling to start, and start now, who stops it? DEMOCRATS.

Here are three more anti-Americans to blame. These three set environmental policy and have a stranglehold over Democrats. They are Jon Flicker of the National Audubon Society, Frances Beinecke of the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Trip Van Noppen of the organization Earthjustice. Three enemies within, and three powerful people who stand in the way of our own oil and natural gas. I suggest you give them a call and let them know they’re done screwing with this country. You can contact John Flicker at 212-979-3000, Frances Beinecke at 212-727-2700, and Von Noppen at 510-550-6700. Don’t be jerks, be passionate about how you feel and make them understand you will do everything possible to stop their destruction of our country.