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I’m back and I have had enough of the Democrats (Communists), Obama, and their mouthpiece, the mainstream media. The high cost of oil, gasoline, and natural gas can be laid squarely in the lap of the Democratic Party (the Communists). They have repeatedly grilled the top CEOs of the largest oil companies in America attempting to blame them for setting the price of oil and gas. Threatening a windfall profits tax (someone explain what a windfall profit is) to taking over the industry. This is the usual tactic of guilty people to deflect attention away from them. They know nothing about economics or the industry, but they successfully manage to illustrate their ignorance. By doing this, they count on your ignorance. We are the ONLY country on the planet restricting access to our own resources, which will result in economic suicide. If you want someone to blame, look to the Democratic Party and the environmental groups who have put us in this situation.

John Peterson of my home state of Pennsylvania sponsored a bill to lift the band on offshore drilling had the votes to get it passed, but who removed it, DEMOCRATS!!!! I am going to continue to drive this home until you get tired of it, and then I will start again. Even when 67 percent of America wants drilling to start, and start now, who stops it? DEMOCRATS.

Here are three more anti-Americans to blame. These three set environmental policy and have a stranglehold over Democrats. They are Jon Flicker of the National Audubon Society, Frances Beinecke of the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Trip Van Noppen of the organization Earthjustice. Three enemies within, and three powerful people who stand in the way of our own oil and natural gas. I suggest you give them a call and let them know they’re done screwing with this country. You can contact John Flicker at 212-979-3000, Frances Beinecke at 212-727-2700, and Von Noppen at 510-550-6700. Don’t be jerks, be passionate about how you feel and make them understand you will do everything possible to stop their destruction of our country.