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Who’s The Racist?

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This post is sure to incite much controversy, mostly because it’s the truth and the truth without a legitimate rebuttal is attacked with non-substantive vitriol. So, who’s the racist? That would be all you blacks (I don’t subscribe to African-American, if you’re black and a U.S. citizen, you’re an American, period) who plan on voting for Barack Obama for no other reason other than he’s black. You are so desparate for the symbolism of having the first black President, you refuse to look past the color of his skin and deny delivery of who Barack is. Your eyes and ears are blurred and plugged and anyone who questions his policies, his voting record or lack of one, or points out the flaws in everything he brings to the table, you lable us as the racist. Well, I’m not going to adopt a defensive position here, because I have no reason to. I have no problem voting for a black candidate, if that candidate subscribed to Americanism (freedom as the solution to all problems, not government). Obama is not even close to anything that could be labeled an American; this includes his party, the Marxist Party of America (I know, oxymoron).

You’re so desparate to have a black President, you completely ignore his supporters, the enemies of this country. Our enemies could not have asked for a better opportunity to cripple this country economically and militarily, because Barack Hussein Obama is going to do it for them and give it to them on a platter. The list spans from Al-Qaeda, to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to Omar Kadafi. Are these the people you want supporting the next President? I forgot, you can’t see past the color of his skin, it’s all OK.

You believe in the right of parents choosing where their children go to school. Obama opposes this, I forgot, anything beyond the color of his skin is not important.

You believe in not taking a backseat anymore and be allowed equal opportunity like all Americans, like as though that’s a real issue. Looks like you’ll be taking a step back and will be backseated to all the illegal immigrants Obama wants to put on the welfare rolls and move to the front of the line when it comes to opportunity and health care. I forgot, anything beyond the color of his skin doesn’t matter.

You are pro-life and believe in protecting the life of an unborn child. Obama is on the other side, he IS NOT PRO-LIFE. I forgot, the color of his skin keeps blocking these facts out, it just doesn’t matter.

You’re budget is squeezed to the max because of high gasoline prices, well, get ready for $8 per gallon for gas under Obama. In case you missed his admission, Obama favors higher gasoline prices. I forgot, he’s black and you can’t see or hear anything else, you’re like Gollum in The Lord of The Rings, I’m not listening…I’m not listening.

All you blacks, please feel free to jump in any time and let me know when I’m wrong. What I suspect is nothing more than the same. You’ll call me names, you’ll call me a racist, that’s fine, it’s what I expect when you can’t dispute the truth.