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Who’s The Racist? Part Two

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My first post illustrated how most, not all black Americans (again, I do not subscribe to African-American, there’s Americans and illegal immigrants, anything else is just BS) were voting for Barry Hussein Obama for no other reason than he’s black. So desperate for the symbolism of the first black president, who he is or what he stands for doesn’t matter, even if everything he stands for goes against their beliefs. He’s black, so they’re blinded by who he is.

Now, when it comes to race or who the racists are, they are squarely in the Barry camp, and not the rest of America. Barry himself is the racist; he’s playing the racist card when he can’t compete in the arena of ideas intellectually. So he defaults to, if you don’t vote for me, you’re a racist, America is racist. Sorry Barry, I’m not, and neither is America. I don’t like you and won’t vote for you because you don’t represent anything American. The people you associate with hate America, your wife hates America. She can’t find any reason to feel proud about America. You go to Europe and address those socialistic mush minds by being ashamed of America and putting us down. You could be white and play for my favorite team, and I still wouldn’t vote for you because you are an arrogant, conceded, pompous JERK who couldn’t debate his way out of brown paper bag with a hole in it.

If you want to be Commander-in-Chief, stop being such a little baby and crying racist every time someone challenges you or criticizes your position (if you hold one for more than a day). How racist can America be, have you read the newspapers lately, the Democrats, I mean socialists, have a black Presidential candidate.