A Call For Barry to Participate With Senator McCain In Town hall Debates

September 12th, 2008

Yo Barry, what are you afraid of? You’re the messiah, the anointed one, why do you repeatedly avoid John McCain’s requests for one on one debates? You want to be President of the United States, a position that requires the ability to make a case about where you stand, fraught with one on one debates. If you don’t have the knowledge or courage to debate Senator McCain, why should America believe you have what it takes to make tough decisions and take a stand? So far, you’ve demonstrated you can be present, 130 times, but can’t or won’t take a position. God forbid we have another terrorist attack within our borders, if you’re President; you have to make a decision besides being present. Present doesn’t cut it. Just like a town hall debate requires individual thought and conviction other than present. That must be it; you can’t weasel your way out by replying, present, and then move on to the next question.

You Barry supporters, don’t you ever get past the aura and wonder why “Barry the Great One” is so afraid of debating John McCain? You’ve made him the anointed one, the all knowing, I mean John’s old, slow, your Barry should be able to clean the floor with John. What are you afraid of? That your messiah is severely flawed, inexperienced, incapable, and quite frankly, empty. If Barry is strong enough to defend America, more so than John McCain, where’s his display of strength to debate John McCain?

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