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Spreading The Wealth Time To Start Practicing This Concept In Everyday Actions

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I am going to start doing what Obama wants to do to America, I m going to start practicing this act of spreading the wealth. I am asking all of you to join me, however, we are going to do this to individuals, businesses, and media outlets like your local newspapers that support Barack Obama especially when they are engaging in the free market process. For example, when visiting a restaurant and if the sever waiting on us happens to be an Obama supporter (you’ll know if they are, they’re proud to display it on their person) I will make it known to them after they’ve worked hard to bring me my food and drinks that they will not be receiving a tip. I will explain that I will take their tip and give it to the nearest homeless person I can find because I am engaging in the Obama plan of redistributing the wealth.

If a business performs a service for you and you know they support Barack Obama, let them know after you pay them that you will not use their service again and plan on referring friends and family to use their competitors. Explain that it’s not personal or punishment, it’s that you don’t want them to receive all the business resulting in them getting wealthy and their competition won’t have a chance. If you have a subscription to a local newspaper that supports Obama, let them know you are canceling and plan on going to their competition providing they aren’t Obama supporters. Explain that you are just practicing Obama’s concept of spreading the wealth.

Remember; do not do this with non-Obama supporters, just those who support Barack. Be nice, explain to them why and offer the silver lining that they should be happy, not angry or sad since they support this practice anyway.