Marxism Basic Example Is Simple Change We Can Believe In

October 28th, 2008

For those who do not understand the term Marxism, the basic example is simple. We have little Johnny, little Suzie, and their parents playing the role of government house. Little Johnny wants his parents (government house) to buy the latest Apple iPod for him. Government house says no, we don’t have the money. Little Suzie sees the only way she can get the latest gadget is to work harder and do a little extra to earn the money to pay for it. So little Suzie does and succeeds in earning the money. The parents (government house) see that she has earned the money when she asks them to take her to the store so she can purchase that gadget. The parents are ready to load up the kids and head off to the store, but now are feeling this isn’t fair, so here comes CHANGE we can believe in. Little Suzie can get what she wants, but little Johnny won’t be able to, since he did nothing extra during same time frame to purchase what he wants. So, the parents (government house) force little Suzie to give some of what she earned to little Johnny even under protest. Then they head off to the store, but the problem is, neither little Suzie nor little Johnny can get what they want. They have to settle for something less or nothing at all.

Welcome to Obama’s world of fairness and misery for all and the CHANGE we can believe in. And if you honestly believe this is what America should be, then be my guest and vote away your freedom in favor of Comrade Barack Hussein Obama.

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