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Time To Rant

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Three days later I don’t even know where to begin I am so frosted. Maybe I’ll start with America, specifically; all you mush minds who voted for Obama. You should have never been allowed to vote because you had no idea what you were voting for. When queried why you were voting for him, what single accomplishment you can point to that made him qualified, you couldn’t name one. Then there are those of you who weren’t voting for anything, you just hated George Bush. Let me clue you in on something, GEORGE BUSH WASN’T RUNNING!!!!!!!!…All you Mcflys out there who forgot about that little fact. How stupid and idiotic is that? If you couldn’t vote for something, staying home was your best option. Allowing you to vote is like giving the keys to a car to person without a license and a 12 pack of beer in them. Then there are the twenty percent of you principled conservatives who screwed it up for us the last time in 06 and gave us Pelosi and Reid. Now, you dig America’s grave even deeper by being so principled with “I can’t vote for McCain, I just can’t”, you know what you can do with that, you can shove it up your ass next to your head. It’s bad enough the rest of have to clean this up and have to dig out from under the crap you gave us in 06 by staying home, now we have to fight up an even steeper hill through a stronger socialist Congress and our first Marxist president. If you think you’re helping, you’re not; all you’re doing is throwing more crap on the rest of us who have to get rid of the Socialist destroying this country.

Now to the media, I want to smack them all. They had two years to tell America who Barry Obama is; we handed it to them on a platter and not a word. Now, they’re out there laying the foundation to cover their asses with comments like “who is Barack Obama?” Are you freaking kidding me? They gave us Joe the Plumber’s life story within 24 hours and they’re going to try slip this bullshit by us like they didn’t know who he was or don’t know who he is now. Hey CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and the rest of you lazy liberal media sheep dips, ITS YOUR FREAKING JOB! You completely and purposely neglected your responsibility to report what you knew about Barry. In doing so, you have no creditability. Thanks to your inept coverage of the messiah, we have to relive the Carter years times two.

A heads up to any of you politicians that want to float a bill, or even consider confiscating my 401K. Try it. Just try laying your hands on my 401K and I will give you a lession about what the Second Amendment is all about. It will be standing between you and my 401K. You arrogant twits in the Socialist Party need a reminder who it is you work for. Listen up you sheep dips, I am not your servant, nor am I your slave, you are not third world dictators or Russian Czars (even though you act like it), and you are not kings or queens. To the contrary, you work for me and the rest of America. You are in Washington to serve the people, not serve yourself. My property, my income, and my 401k is mine, it is not yours despite what you think.

“The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule.”