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OK Obama Supporters You Won Maybe I Should Say You Lost

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OK Obama Supporters You Won Maybe I Should Say You Lost

Now that you won, do you know what you lost? I would have to say no. Before the election like the rest of us you didn’t know who Obama was, couldn’t point to a single accomplishment that made him even remotely qualified, and after the election you still don’t know who he is. “Change” was and is the only thing you know. Given how gullible you are, would you consider hiring me to remodel your kitchen for you because it needs changed? I won’t tell you what change, nor will I tell you what I’ll change, your kitchen just needs changed and I think you should hire me. I’ll bet you’re thinking now, what’s this guy smoking? He wants me to hire him to change my kitchen without a plan, without details, and without a blueprint. Well, yeah, you hired Obama to lead the country without a plan, without references, and without a resume. So what’s the problem? I hope I made my point and now to the details of your loss. Oh, despite how bad our economy and the world economy are, everything I am about to tell you will make things worse for our economy and you. Under Obama, your standard of living will decrease because he is a Marxist. Marxism does not spread hope, it spreads misery and despair. It only works for the political elite; it does not work for the regular class. If you spent anytime at all learning history or even looking at the current socialist nations, you might understand that. So let’s begin with what you’re going to lose now that you won.

Employee Free Choice Act

Nothing free here, either in choice or privacy in voting, especially in secret ballots regarding unionization that Americans hold dear. This opens up the door to remove the freedom to vote freely without intimidation. As a worker, you will be forced into a union whether you want to or not. If it’s not, you will be bullied, and threatened until you do. So, you lost your freedom to vote without intimidation.


Expect a huge push to destroy the quality of our healthcare system. You heard right, destroy the quality of the best healthcare system in the world. The operative word is “best”, not perfect. The answer to spiraling out of control healthcare costs is not government, especially under the guise of providing healthcare for everyone when no one is denied now. I repeat NO ONE is denied now. Don’t even try arguing that point with me because I know first hand that the lie that individuals are denied care is complete BS.

To pay for this increased spending, bureaucracy and destruction, Obama will have to increase taxes on ALL SIGNIFICANTLY. Massive increases in death taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes, and corporate taxes. Bill Clinton snowed you with his middle class tax cut and now Obama has snowed you. Even a booming economy would be brought to its knees under these kinds of confiscatory costs. In this current economy, the recession will cascade into depression, there will be no growth, spiraling out of control unemployment, goods and services will be much more expensive, and a reduction of your current standard of living.

So, you lose more of your money, your ability to decide what’s best for you in exchange for a bureaucrat deciding whether you’re eligible for care, especially if it’s care for a life threatening problem, and a lower standard of living.

The Censorship Doctrine

It’s the censorship doctrine and under Obama you will no longer have freedom of speech, verbal or written. Freedom of speech does not mean only speech you agree with. It means ALL speech, opposing and favorable. You libs talk about free speech, but when it’s someone who doesn’t agree with you and points out the flaw in your opinion, you immediately call it hate speech, you start calling the messenger racist, homophobe, fascist, and every other name you don’t know the meaning of. We’ve done this before in history, it was Nazi Germany, it ensured that Germans could only see what the Nazi hierarchy wanted people to see, hear what they wanted them to hear and read only what the Nazis deemed acceptable. The Nazi police dealt with anyone who went outside of these boundaries. Censorship dominated the lives of the ordinary citizen in Nazi Germany.

It was done under Stalin, censorship of anything that might reflect badly on Stalin, there was propaganda everywhere - pictures, statues, continuous praise and applause, places named after him, mothers taught their children that Stalin was ‘the wisest man of the age’, and history books and photographs were changed to make him the hero of the Revolution, and obliterate the names of purged people (e.g. Trotsky). It started with a belief that Russia had to be united – with him as leader – if it was to be strong.

You supporters of Obama who think this is great, think about the day he does something you don’t agree with and when that time comes, you won’t have a chance to speak freely, so you now lost your freedom of speech.

The Second Amendment Gone

I have tried to warn you that Obama strongly opposes the Second Amendment.
Where he has voted:

  • Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. (Jul 2005)
  • Several Illinois state legislators introduced SB 2165 to protect the right of self-defense for residents (2003). True to form, Obama voted against the pro-gun legislation
  • On January 18, 2007, Senator Obama voted against a pro-gun amendment to strike language in S. 1 that would infringe upon the free speech rights of groups like Gun Owners of America. The amendment, which passed, struck requirements that would have required GOA to monitor and report on its communications with its members, and could easily have led to government demands for GOA’s membership list (a.k.a. registration).

What he says:

· Ok for states & cities to determine local gun laws. (Apr 2008)

· FactCheck: Yes, Obama endorsed Illinois handgun ban. (Apr 2008)

· Respect 2nd Amendment, but local gun bans ok. (Feb 2008)

· The concealed carry of firearms is another important issue for gun owners, and yet Obama is not only opposed to citizens carrying guns, he supports using federal laws to override those states which currently allow the practice.

How about Obama’s cosponsoring of the Global Poverty Act taking 0.7% of our GDP or roughly $65 billion of your tax dollars and giving it to dictators and despots around the world. That’s only part of it, another neat little thing tucked away in this Act is a world wide ban on small arms. It overrides the Second Amendment. One thing to note there is a precedent that would make this difficult to do, however, tell me when has this ever stopped a Democrat (Socialist) determined to undermine this country?

So, you’ve lost your Second Amendment right to keep and bare arms.

First part in a continuing story of what you’ve won, I mean lost with Barack Obama.