The Global Warming (Climate Change) Hoax

May 6th, 2009

Obviously, we have an entire younger generation brainwashed and frightened into believing man is causing climate change and a large percentage of non-thinking adults who believe the same thing. We have an administration lead by King Hussein and the Communist Party (Democrats) trying to shovel the unbelievable lie past the vast unwashed, non-thinking, dumbed-downed populous that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

What the hell are they teaching in science class? Whatever it is, it’s not science and it’s not even close to basic 101 science. The following illustration is right out of the World Book Encyclopedia, copyright 1964. If anyone can still do basic math, that’s 45 years ago. That’s directed to the younger liberal mush minds that happen to browse these posts looking to post their ignorance.

carbon dioxide carbon cycle

It illustrates the carbon cycle, not the carbon tax global warming scheme. Simply illustrated, carbon dioxide is plant food. This was known 45 years ago; it was know 75 years ago. Without carbon dioxide, plants die. If by some chance we were increasing the minute amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (which in 1964 was 3/10,000 of the atmosphere), it would increase plant growth around the planet. Even the immature lunatic thought of eliminating ALL carbon dioxide is suicide. It would mean the end of all plant growth around the world and consequently the end of us. The byproduct of plants taking in carbon dioxide is the production of oxygen.

This stupidity and total asinine crap labeling carbon dioxide as a pollutant would be a great comedy skit if wasn’t for the fact that a majority of our population doesn’t even understand proven basic science and lacks the intelligence to tell King Hussein and his fellow Communists to go pound salt when they broadcast this BS.

How many times do I have say it? Carbon dioxide IS NOT a pollutant. Carbon dioxide is plant food.

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