Obama Care Costs Hard For Most to Wrap Their Head Around

June 18th, 2009

Obama care initial costs to America is $1.6 trillion, of course that’s a best case scenario, it will be three times that to start. Given how poor our government run school system is and how our state run media (ABC) keeps information from mush-minded America, it’s no wonder Obama kool-aide drinkers and casual Americans can’t grasp the scope and size of $1.6 trillion dollars. Well, I’m here to help those of you who are having a hard time putting this into perspective.

Let’s put it together this way, using the average median household income of $50,233 for America in 2008, we’ll calculate how long it would take the average household to earn an even $1 trillion. Using very basic math, the average household would have to work 19,907,232 years to earn $1 trillion. That’s almost 20 million years. A little perspective, the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. Homo Erectus, the evolution of the first people on the planet came to be two million years ago. If your average household started earning $50,233 per year then, to date, that household would have earned $100,466,000,000 (just over $100 billion).

Are you Obama cult followers getting this? This can’t be done, it can’t be paid for, it won’t provide coverage for all, it won’t make health care more affordable, it won’t be free, it won’t let you pay for it yourself, it won’t provide choice, it won’t approve new treatments, and it won’t reform anything other then create a bureaucracy that will decide whether you live or die based on cost to the system.

If you allow this to pass, then you will get what you deserve, a death sentence compliments of the Communist Party (formally know as the Democratic Party) headed by King Hussein.

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