The Snake Oil Salesman on Tonight

July 22nd, 2009

The President will be on prime time tonight trying to dupe the duped again. Hussein Obama is equivalent to the snake oil salesman of the old west. They were good at selling their wares to all those expecting a magic solution to all their ills. They had dubious credentials, selling some type of medicine with boisterous marketing hype, supported by bogus scientific study or evidence. To enhance sales, an accomplice in the crowd (a “shill”, some liberal follower today) would often “attest” the value of the product in an effort to provoke buying enthusiasm. Afterwards, the salesman (doctor) would prudently leave town before his customers realized that they had been cheated. He’ll be out of office by the time the duped realize they’ve been cheated. Now Hussein Obama (excuse me while I drop the title, he hasn’t shown proof of citizenship) will be out front and center duping the duped, selling his snake oil. He has no credibility, every other word out of his mouth is a lie, every promise he made to the duped masses he’s broken, he says one thing and does just the opposite, and most important, there is no healthcare crisis. Every person in America gets care if and when they need it by law. All they have to do is show up at the emergency room. That’s the simplistic reality. I know the details; I’m just going into them now.

The pressure has to stay on to stop this catastrophe; this sham will remove everyone’s freedom to have control over their healthcare. This is not about providing care; it’s about killing the unborn and senior citizens. It will even deny any care to a child that needs immediate treatment for a catastrophic disease or condition. Your parents and grandparents will be denied life saving treatments in exchange for counseling and pain killers.

Hussein Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Bolsheviks haven’t even read the bill that they want passed in two weeks. So much for the transparency promise.

The problem here is, those who voted for this myth called our President, refuse to or are too ashamed to admit they’ve been duped. I have some advice for you all, realize you were wrong and worry about what’s right for the country and your children, and not what’s right for Obama and the Bolsheviks politically. Understand they are not the solution, they are the problem and they are only concerned about their power and how much they can screw you. You have to look at Obama and the Bolsheviks as an organized crime organization with a flag on the wall.

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