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Muslims Bring Justice to the World

Add comment November 17th, 2009

I hope I have you’re attention. If you don’t know who uttered these famous words, his initials are B.O. that is so appropriate considering the stench emanating from Washington. B.O. the man child, made this statement at Martha’s Vinyard celebrating what else? Ramadan, but he’s a Christian. A statement like this should not leave any doubt where BO’s sympathies reside. America, you better wrap your head around this, you have elected the enemy. Obama (in case you haven’t figured out who BO is) making a statement like this and all his subsequent statements and actions including the recent act of treason are indicative of an individual not having any pro American values. This myth in the Whitehouse is not an American, lack of a legitimate birth certificate not withstanding. Not sure what the act of treason is; it’s bringing KSM to New York for no other reason than to aid our enemies and put America (that would be all of you who believe in the defeat of terrorism) on trial. For you illiterate liberal mush minds who don’t know the definition of anything or the concept of reality, the definition treason is levying war against the U.S., or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. KSM is an enemy combatant, he is not a criminal, he is the mastermind of the terrorist attack against the U.S. on 9/11, he is not a U.S. citizen and despite all of these facts, our myth of a President, our Muslim President gives aid to our enemy by giving him full Constitutional rights and complete access to ALL of our intelligence.

I added a post here last week on Veterans Day about our dishonorable President and why he is dishonorable by presiding over a memorial service dedicated to the 13 killed by a terrorist during a terrorist act and never acknowledged it for what it was nor acknowledging their true commitment, the reason they joined the military and why they fought; the war on terror. Not happy with dishonoring them and showing his ugly mug for a photo-op pretending to care, he decides to stick it to our military some more by slapping them in the face, America in the face, and our intelligence community in the face by giving KSM a forum to spew his BS, then like the coward that he is, he leaves town. Part of that is not entirely true, BO decided to do this six months ago and he just decided to drop that bomb now.  

So, back to his statement, “Muslims bring justice to world” would mean that the 9/11 attack was just, the 13 killed almost two weeks ago was just, the dithering on Afghanistan resulting in the highest number of deaths in a month for our military is just, and not being comfortable with victory is just. What more do you need to know about his allegiance? He is the enemy. His dozens of unconstitutional czars are the enemy. All those in his inner circle are the enemy. Again, you better wrap your head around this and understand the reality that Obama is not American, he does not believe in this country, he does not care about our military, and he does not care about your welfare or the security of this country.

Thoughts on Our Undocumented Dishonorable Commander-in-Chief

Add comment November 11th, 2009

As a veteran who served in the military, specifically in the U.S. Air Force, I have a few thoughts about our undocumented Commander-in-Chief. Thirteen brave soldiers were killed and dozens of others were injured during another terrorist attack on our soil last week. The fact that this Commander-in-Chief still refuses to recognize it for what is, a terrorist attack and that we are still combating a war on terror is disgusting to me. The fact that he has the inexcusable arrogance to make a speech at a memorial service dedicated to those killed in this attack without emotion and pretending that he actually cares when in reality it is his beliefs, his ideology that are at the heart of why this happened is even more repugnant. I can recount dozens of times where Hussein Obama has degraded our military and sympathized with the radical Muslims who have killed many of military personal. The reality is Obama has a huge disdain for our military, he is cold and unfeeling when it comes to anything regarding our men and women in uniform. While he believes his speech honored their deaths, it actually dishonored them and their cause simply because he refuses to recognize terrorism; their reason for joining, the reason why they fought, and in the end the act that took their lives. There is no honor bestowed even after their death if you can’t acknowledge their true commitment.