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Anger Brewing Over Public Sector Benefits

Add comment March 9th, 2011

This is Obamaville, this is what Obama and the Socialist Party bring to the table. If you don’t know who the Socialist Party is; it is formally known as the Democrat Party. It is NOT an American Party. Let me rephrase that, it is NOT a party that has any traditional American values or ideas anymore and it’s been that way for decades. OK, back to the anger brewing. As a direct result of years of legalized money laundering by the Socialist Party through the public sector unions by fleecing the tax payers from every state, their benefits now are underfunded by about $3 trillion dollars. The anger brewing which is by design if you’re a Socialist is pitting American against American in order to detract from the Socialist’s misdeeds has finally come to a head. On the one side we have public sector employees who have a job and the best benefits our tax dollars can pay for plus having to pay into and for our own benefits are whining over the fact that they will have to be like the rest of us. They’ll actually have to contribute in order to receive their benefits. Then on the other side, people like myself are pissed that these assholes (when you do or say something stupid, you’re an asshole) have the balls to actually cry poverty at my expense and everyone else in the private sector when they have a house, food, and still have a job are complaining they don’t have enough. Well, it’s time to start tightening the belts and join the rest of us and get a little skin in the game instead of expecting us to carry the load for your benefits from now on. If they’re underfunded, sorry, that’s not our fault and we’re not going to pay the bill.

Here’s a message to the public sector unions. If you want to be angry, be angry at the party that got you here, that would be Democrats, now Socialists. This isn’t an argument about police, fire, or teachers not getting paid for the job they do. As long as they do an exemplary job, they should be well compensated based on the merits and not because it’s a right or an entitlement, so stop throwing that lame one out there. Also, stop with collective bargaining bullshit; that only works if there is an adversary on the opposite side of the bargaining table. That adversary is us, the taxpayers, and we’re never at the table instead, it’s a Democrat agreeing with everything you want. That’s not even close to bargaining, there’s no give and take, there’s just take. If you want to be angry, be angry at the party that created your addiction to the unsustainable golden goose and convinced you that for some stupid reason that receiving benefits is a right to be paid for by someone else like your neighbor. Be angry at the party that mismanaged your funds that have you in a $3 trillion deficit. Again, that would be Democrats. Don’t be angry at the rest of us who expect you to grow up, face reality, and understand things are tough for everyone and we’re not going to have sympathy for you just because you don’t think you have enough when you have more than most Americans.