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Negative Ads Only Work if You’re Stupid Enough to Base Your Vote On Them

Add comment February 2nd, 2012

Here’s where I come down on campaign ads and the idiots (and that’s what you are) that determine who they’re voting for based on these disingenuous slander pieces full of lies and misinformation; get off your lazy ass and do some research, keep your emotional bias out of it, and fact check the BS. Instead of looking into each candidate and their actual positions, how they voted, the bills they’ve supported, and fact checking the BS from Romney and the Super PAC our gullible voters of Florida paid more attention to the ads
which are as factual as Bam Bam’s State of the Union address and geared toward those minds full of mush ended up voting for Obama lite (Romney).

All campaign ads are nothing more than noise and babble feeding your ignorance and inciting anger over something that 95% of the time is a lie. It’s another form of voter fraud. So my question to Florida and anyone else out there, what the hell are you voting for if your determination is based on a slander commercial? Really, what the hell are you thinking and are you this lazy or inept that you can’t research the candidates and turn off the BS? Do you not understand the importance of this election? We either get America back on track as the nation of individual freedom and opportunity or we allow ourselves to go down the road of tyranny; that would be Hussein Obama, Liberalism, and the Socialist Party. Get that through your head as well, it is not the Democrat Party; that would imply it’s an American party, IT IS NOT. There isn’t an ounce of ideology left from that antithetical party that even remotely resembles what this country was founded on and the idea that is America.