A brief description about myself, I am an average American and I am hardly rich, however, depending on what day of the week it is, Obama would consider me rich. Twenty plus years ago I used to think government was the answer to everything. I used to think I was entitled to healthcare, an education, unemployment compensation equal to what I was making and it shouldn’t expire until I found a job. I used to think the government should shut anyone up if I didn’t like what he or she said. I hated Ronald Reagan; couldn’t stand the first George Bush, and came real close to voting for Bill Clinton because I was taken in; I was mesmerized. The problem was I didn’t understand why I hated Reagan or George Bush other than my up bringing. It was early in the Clinton era where I started to understand how wrong my thinking was; I basically grew up, and started to understand the meaning of the Constitution and could see what was happening to my country.

I created this site to expose the enemies already within the gate and how their ideas are specifically designed to destroy our country. I am targeting the Democratic Party, which isn’t an American party anymore, and the RINOs that side with the Socialists of the Democratic Party. I’m tired of these Socialists (Communists is more like it) portraying America as an oppressive and imperialistic nation. I am tired of the political correctness designed to placate the enemies of this country, domestic and foreign. Whether you like hearing it or not, the Democratic Party hasn’t been an American party for decades and is lead by the most egregious anti-Americans to ever obtain power through deception, emotional platitudes, and force. They’ve sided with the enemies of this country. They’ve been wrong on the war; they’ve been wrong on drilling and energy independence and are specifically to blame for our energy problems, they’re wrong on taxes and how to stimulate growth and it’s NOT a government benefit. They’re wrong on healthcare. They have no concept of Americanism, no faith in individual freedom and view every new life and old life as a burden to their system. The only thing the Socialists (Democrats) know how to do well is criticize America, diminish anyone who questions their motives or has an alternative to what they want to force on America, celebrate this country’s enemies, and tax (confiscate) every dollar you earn by making you feel guilty for being an achiever, a producer, or an exceptional individual.