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      Country Before Party or Country Before Self

The way I see it there is a discouraging process happening in this country by Americans from both political parties and that is the priority of loyalty. It is apparent that instead of deciding what’s best for the country, we’re blinded by loyalty to the party above all else. This is wrong and very disheartening. We fail to make the distinction between the two. Loyalty to the party does not mean loyalty to the country and loyalty to country does not mean loyalty to the party. Now I know those of you who read this will accuse me of being one sided. While that is true, it’s the circumstances of this presidential election plus the road we’ve been on the last couple of decades that force it to be that way. I believe the cause of this is two fold. First, we’ve lost our history and second, we’ve got a narcissistic society for the most part. Meaning, too many Americans are self absorbed with them selves and always looking for what’s in it for me, what am I entitled to. Obviously this does not happen overnight, it takes time. We can thank the land of academia and media for that. Our schools have, whether on purpose or not have avoided; maybe I should say neglected, to teach our kids about our history. I mean ALL history including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Without the lessons of history you can’t see where you’ve been, you can’t understand the sacrifice made to get where we are. Without learning from the bad and ugly, we are destined to repeat those mistakes. Cliché, I know, but tell me where I am wrong. And the media, well they haven’t reported the news objectively in decades to the point where their bias is so blatantly obvious that journalism is dead and can’t be trusted.

The ultimate result of this neglect is lack of knowledge of knowing what is right and what is wrong. Understanding American history teaches us that. However, this lack of knowledge is a great weapon politicians use to slowly remove your liberty. Of course the media has to be complicit in keeping this knowledge from you. There’s an old story that when you drop a frog in boiling water, it’ll jump out immediately, but if you put it in cold water and then slowly heat it up, eventually the frog dies. This is what is happening to our country; those on the political left over the past couple of decades have been increasing the heat so slowly that we’ve been coasting along like all is well. When in reality our country is almost dead. We don’t recognize that it’s wrong or why. When you no longer know the value of freedom, then you don’t recognize that what little liberty you have left is on the verge of being taken away in name of social justice. There are two famous quotes from our past that are so appropriate about where we are now. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves (Abraham Lincoln). They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety (Benjamin Franklin). These quotes are important and representative of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. They’re asking you to trade in more of your liberty for security. The reality is, you’ll give up that freedom and never receive that security. Neither Barack nor the party are American. Before you fly off the handle asking what do you mean they’re not American, are you saying I’m not American? What I mean is their ideas are not American and just because you are a U.S. citizen and belong to a political party doesn’t automatically make you American. When they present solutions (paying taxes is patriotic, Joe Biden) that aren’t even close to what made this country great that is not American. The theft of your liberty has been done so slowly over the past couple of decades all in the name of fairness, of the children, of equality, protecting the environment, and on and on we’ve bought it like a ham sandwich because it made us feel good.

Back to the slow boil, it’s been so incremental we can’t make the distinction between what’s right and what’s wrong, we can’t make the distinction between American ideas and socialistic ideas. If you can’t make the distinction anymore, maybe you should listen to those who can because they’ve lived the socialist nightmare, the Marxist nightmare. Those who lived under communist or Marxist regimes and then found freedom do recognize the risk that faces this country if Barack Obama becomes President. When you’ve spent most of your life under the ideology of redistribution of wealth and an intrusive and oppressive government that suppressed your ability to speak freely, defend yourself, or decide what’s best for you and your family, it’s easy to recognize, especially in the language. They understand freedom doesn’t descend from government; only government can take it away. They understand it was individual freedom is what made us the wealthiest country in the world and it’s what they want for themselves. They understand it was freedom that solved our problems along the way. It wasn’t a government handout, or a government program all in the name of fairness that made us great.

America, blacks and whites you need to take a look at our history before it’s too late. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Otis, George Washington Carver, Elijah J McCoy, Benjamin Banneker, Jackie Robinson, and Satchel Paige to name a few are all great Americans from our history. Do you know why they’re all great? They excelled at what they did. Despite obstacles, racism, set backs, and failures they persevered and they did it without waiting for the government to give them a handout or stepping in and provide them a level playing field. Individual freedom is your level playing field as provided by the U.S. Constitution, what you do with it is up to you. Most of you black Americans especially, who are voting for Barack Obama just because he’s black and nothing else dishonor these and other great black Americans and if they were alive today would be disgusted with you. They faced many more obstacles and so much more racism and worse and never once looked for someone believing he was the messiah to intercede on their behalf. And definitely didn’t allow anyone (the Democratic Party) make them believe they were inferior and incapable of succeeding without their help or government’s help.

The fact that I am not voting for Barack Obama is not about race. If you think it is, then it’s because you’ve lost the intellectual argument before it even starts. If you black Americans feel the need to call me a racist, be my guest. I submit to you that you’re racist because your decision to support him is based solely on race and not the merits. I am not voting for Obama because his ideology is not American. It’s not what made America great. It’s not what I believe and it’s because I need to put the country first ahead of someone whose only experience is giving great speeches and platitudes neither of which make a good leader.



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