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Need I say anymore about the definition of COMMUNIST?

The Communist Party USA is not foreign, although it illegally received Soviet money for decades. The CPUSA lists as election priority number one that Communists do their “utmost to help hurt Bush.” The communist website dedicates an entire page of internal articles to anti-Bush propaganda.

Starting with the hardest Left, there is the radically pro-immigration position of the Communist Party of the United States. Don't discount their significance because of their tiny membership and marginalized position in mainstream political discourse; their positions are indicative of the consensus of the most radical and determined core of the Left. This is true because much of the Left's fundamental thinking is done by avowed communists and their splinter groups, and because these groups have all sorts of ties through shared personnel with mainstream organizations. This radical core authenticates its positions as the extreme leftist view, at which point it is picked up on by more moderate leftists and endorsed in kind but with a difference of degree. The CPUSA supports immigration because it believes that this will enable it to solve the fundamental problem it faces in America: a materially contented working class. As put in William Hawkins's excellent 1994 book on the open-borders conspiracy, Importing Revolution,

The solution? Increase immigration, especially that of undocumented, illegal workers. The Communist Party, USA, in its publication, Political Affairs: Theoretical Journal of the Communist Party USA, understands well the cause-effect relationship of this: "undocumented workers in any work... have the effect of depressing wages and lowering the quality of working conditions." In other words, CPUSA and its fellow travelers suggest that, in order to "save" workers, the working class must first be destroyed through declining wages and living standards!"
This is the first prong of the Communist assault: worsen conditions for American workers.

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