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The Shadow Party Leader...a globalist with a desire to rule the world Now has His Puppet In The Whitehouse, Barack Hussein Obama

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In 1776, the American people threw off the oppressive yoke of King George III, and created the most free society the world had ever seen. But today, another King George — a Hungarian-born billionaire named George Soros, who rules a shadow empire by funding a global agenda that includes borderless civil disarmament — has made Americans less free than at almost any time in our nation’s history.

It was George Soros’ millions and his international “Open Society Institute” that bought and paid for massive lobbying and media spin efforts leading to the enactment of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act (BCRA). As you know, that law bans broadcast political speech by NRA and others during pre-election blackout periods.

And it was Soros’ millions that primed the unfathomable five-to-four Supreme Court opinion in December 2003 that upheld the speech ban which reduced criticism of government by assembled Americans from an untouchable individual right to the status of a “privilege” bestowed by Congress.

BCRA “permits” NRA to fund pre-election ads through our political action committee, but only under Draconian reporting restrictions and with funding solicitations limited to member donations. But Congress allowing grassroots non-profits to exercise free speech through PACs is like Congress saying we can own and use bolt-action rifles and shotguns, but not semi-automatics.

When Congress enacted BCRA, the standard media sound bite to describe the “reform” was summed up in three words “banning soft money.” Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Dodd defined it as “Money that threatens to drown out the voice of the average voter of average means; money that creates the appearance that a wealthy few have a disproportionate say over public policy … .”

But George Soros — and a handful of billionaires and multi-millionaires recruited to his cause — believe they are immune from the “soft” money restrictions of BCRA. Soros told National Public Radio he was morally different, saying, “I am not motivated by self-interest but by what I believe to be the public interest.”

Having funded the destruction of the First Amendment for groups like NRA, Soros injected perhaps as much as $100 million into influencing the outcome of the 2004 elections. That’s chump change for Soros, who is counted as among the world’s richest men.





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