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John Edwards

TRIAL LAWYER, need I say more. You Dems really want a wet behind the ears politician sitting second chair to the presidency? How, in good common sense, can you say that this guy in any way relates to hard working americans. He made his fortune, not through hard work, but sued his way to millions at the expense of two hospitals, doctors, nurses, and innocent people who actually contribute something to society. All John Edwards did was increase your health care insurance through trivial lawsuits. Be careful about who you want in charge of your health care, the next job lost could be yours because of one of John's lawsuits. Understand who John Edwards is, he does not care about you, he does not care about how expensive your health care becomes. He only cares about himself and promoting socialized health care where he can decide who gets what care and when.

John Edwards


Baby John

John Edwards is quoted as saying "This president has basically ceded the responsibility for dealing with Iran to the Europeans and with the North Koreans to the Chinese – which is a huge mistake because they create such a threat to America that it creates a much more serious nuclear threat to America". Really John, what is your plan to deal with this threat? Are you going to make a preemptive attack on Iran or North Korea? Are you going to threaten the use of force if they don't comply? How is this any different than Iraq? At least with Iraq, we know for a fact that Saddam and Osama were aligning themselves to prepare an attack on the United States. How do we know this? Check the archives at ABC, they did a story in 1999 on the subject. The list of terrorist allowed to seek asylum in Iraq reads like a high school reunion of all the terrorists that have been captured or killed to date.

Edwards: Only the Insane Would Vote for Bush

John Edwards quote, "If you live in the United States of America and you vote for George Bush, you've lost your mind." This from a man who duped a bunch of jurors that he was channeling the sentiments of an unborn baby in a courtroom during one of his costly lawsuits. Yeah John, you call us George Bush supporters crazy. I want to see some of that channeling during the vice-presidential debate. It might help you win the debate.









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