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How to describe the media? The major news media no longer reports the news, it reports an ajenda that favors a world they believe exists regardless of the facts or reality. It lost it's objectivity years ago and instead of providing a window into an event and allow us, the viewing or literate audience to form our own opinion, they report an event that is no longer factual. Instead it's slanted with their opinion and the omission of details that don't support their view.

Characterize every story reported by the major networks and newspapers as a short story because they leave out facts that don't fit their template at the time and by doing so, it is no longer a news story, it's just a fictional short story.

    Media Bias and the Left Wing Slant

There is an elitist culture at the major networks, and that goes for the so-called "prestige press,” as well. The electronic media steal much of their material from the New York Times and the Washington Post, the ultimate icons of the "Eastern establishment press.”

Another former CBS News employee said "anyone working at CBS News who is not a leftist knows how it must have felt to be a black kid in a white school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, back in 1938.”

The almost universal slant at the major networks is not the result of a left-wing conspiracy, the former CBS newsman says. The people who work there come from similar backgrounds. Many of them attended some of the best Ivy League schools. And there’s contempt for "white trash” out there. There is an inherent hostility to Heartland America at the "big three” networks: ABC, NBC and CBS. They don’t pretend to have much affinity for folks living in Omaha or Kansas City.

That was reflected at a Washington media party several years ago where this reporter witnessed loud guffaws from the group at the mere mention of having once lived and worked in Salt Lake City.

They Even Fool Themselves

If these correspondents were to take a lie detector test as to whether they slanted the news leftward, they would deny it and pass with flying colors. Many of them don’t consider that they’re leaning in any political direction. They really think they are simply mainstream. There is no other side of the argument except what you hear from a few right-wing nut cases. In their world, mainstream conservatism doesn’t exist.

As one Washington news correspondent once said, "There is no left wing.” There’s just normal goodness, as opposed to the extremists.

Apparently, not everyone with the establishment media is in complete denial. Andrew Heyward, now top man at CBS News, said that of course, the networks tilt left, but that if he was ever quoted as saying that, he would deny it.

Such moments of candor do occur. But they are rare. One other such moment came when Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., in 1985 was urging conservatives around the country to buy CBS stock so they could be "Dan Rather’s boss,” and give the other side a chance to get a fair hearing on a major network. An indignant supervisor at CBS at the time commented privately that "our politics” was none of Helms’ business.

"Our politics”? We veer left, but if you quote me, I’ll deny it? That seems to make hash of Dan Rather’s statement, quoted by Goldberg, that most network reporters don’t know whether they’re Republican or Democrat, and they "vote every which way.”

Rather was especially upset with Goldberg for telling his story in the Wall Street Journal because that paper’s editorial page takes a consistently conservative stand.

But Rather had written op-ed material for the New York Times, which he insisted was "middle of the road.” The Times, notes Goldberg, is consistently liberal. Nothing wrong with that, but Rather’s remark again recalls the prevailing wisdom in Washington media circles that "there is no left wing.”





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