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Sierra Club

The Home Page for the Sierra Club reads: America's oldest, largest, and most effective environmental organization. Explore, enjoy and protect the planet.

It Should read: America's largest group of environmental terrorists.


This group of anti-American anti-capitalists have obstructed every effort for America to become less dependent on foreign oil. If you want to blame anyone for your higher home heating bill and gasoline bill, start with these cretins first.

     Terrorist' Seeks to Head Sierra Club

The man who may become the new leader of the Sierra Club doesn't care if you think he's a terrorist. Paul Watson has spent the last forty years sinking fishing boats, destroying whale processing facilities and ramming whaling ships.After co-founding the extremist Greenpeace in 1972, Watson left the group because they weren't radical enough. "They were into this passive protest, Quaker kind of thing," Watson told Men's Journal.

So he went on to establish the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a "vigilante band of high seas pirates," and now flies flags of the skull and crossbones on his ships. He now calls Greenpeace the "Avon ladies of the environmental movement."

In 1986, Watson opened the sea valves of two commercial whaling ships with a monkey wrench in Reykjavik, Iceland, flooding them and causing them to sink. That was after he took sledgehammers to one of the city's whale meat companies, prompting Iceland's minister of justice to expel him from the country. "People can call me a terrorist, I don't care," says Watson.

Last year he got himself elected to the Sierra's board of directors and is trying to take control of the board and its $100 million budget. Lawrence Downing, a former president of Sierra Club, warns, "If Paul Watson is successful with this takeover the club as we know it will no longer exist. It will become just another fringe group."

We thought it already was - and Watson's current board position proves the point.




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